A downloadable game for Windows

The story behind ExplodeyOS is that your computer has caught a virus, which is taking up storage on your computer. Your only means of getting rid of this virus is to use 3 anti-malware floppy disks, each with their own minigames. Lose a minigame, the virus takes up space on your computer. Win a minigame, space on your computer will be recovered. If you lose enough games, your computer will no longer have any storage space and it will cease to function and you'll be required to reset it!

There is a whole bunch of features that we would have liked to be implemented into this game, but we simply didn't have enough time. We will definitely go back and polish this baby up and maybe even add more minigames so stay tuned!

Programming done by: @Ltven0mI
Art done by: @numilumi


ExplodyOS (win64) 3 MB
ExplodyOS (win32) 3 MB
ExplodyOS (love2d 11.0) 82 kB

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